International Baccalaureate



Roosevelt Elementary School is a candidate school for the Primary Years Programme. Our school is in its third year of pursuing authorization as an IB World School, a process that typically takes three years to achieve. IB World Schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that Roosevelt School believes is important for our students.

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The Primary Years Programme

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) will offer our students a program of instruction that is based on best practices in elementary school instruction. Teachers will be working together to develop units of inquiry around six important themes: How the World Works, Who We Are, How We Express Ourselves, Where We Are in Time and Place, How We Organize Ourselves, and Sharing the Planet. The units our teachers create will allow Roosevelt students opportunities to ask questions, research information, act on what they find out, and reflect upon their learning. A curriculum based on inquiry will allow students to move from their current level of understanding to new and deeper levels of understanding. The curriculum will be differentiated to meet individual student needs. The Common Core State Standards will be an integral part of the skills and concepts taught.


A key component of the IB programme is its emphasis on providing students with a global perspective. Our units will allow students to make connections between our country and the countries of others. Learning a foreign language allows students to explore another country, its language, and its culture through instruction by our Chinese exchange teacher.

Learner Profile

International Baccalaureate has identified ten characteristics that successful students strive to have. IB students are inquiring, thinking, knowledgeable, caring, open-minded, communicating, principled, balanced, risk-taking, and reflective. Teachers are emphasizing these characteristics throughout the day, and one will be highlighted each month.